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Dyatlovo before the war © Public domain / Market place in Dyatlovo © Nicolas Tkatchouk - Yahad-In Unum The former building of synagogue © Nicolas Tkatchouk - Yahad-In Unum Yahad team taking interview at the killing site on the old Jewish cemetery in Dyatlovo © Nicolas Tkatchouk - Yahad-In Unum Shifra Zh. is Jewish and she remembers when she had to move into the ghetto  © Nicolas Tkatchouk - Yahad-In Unum Artemia T. remembers  that the Germans burned the ghetto after its liquidation © Nicolas Tkatchouk - Yahad-In Unum Jewish mass grave, Kurpiesze forest    © Nicolas Tkatchouk - Yahad-In Unum Yahad team with the witness in the park during the interview © Nicolas Tkatchouk - Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Dyatlovo

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Forest/Jewish cemetery
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Entrevista del testigo

Artemia T. evokes: "During the shooting, 10 groups of 10 people were lined up, the tenth group survived and were able to return to the ghetto. The mass graves were dug the day before by people requisitioned by the soltys. The mass grave was very long and was not completely filled up." (Witness N°331, interviewed in May, 2010)

Archivos soviéticos

"[The Jews] were gathered in the ghetto. Then, they were transported outside Dyatlovo, towards Novogudok. Later, people learned that they had been shot. […] The Germans took more than 1,000 Jews to the ghetto. The Jew's things were plundered." [Act of the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission, RG-22.002M.7021-81/106]

Nota histórica

Dyatlovo is a city situated 60 kilometers northwest of Baranovichi. Before the war, two-thirds of the total population was Jewish. The city was under German occupation from 1941 to 1944.

Holocausto por balas en cifras

An enclosed ghetto was created in September 1941. It was made of houses, and situated on the right bank of the river.  According to Shifra Zh. interviewed by Yahad In-Unum, a Jewish survivor who escaped the ghetto through a tunnel, bartering was widespread within the ghetto. The ghetto was liquidated in 2 phases. After a selection process, 2,800 Jews were shot in Kurpiesze forest on April 30, 1942. Then 3,000Jews were shot in August 1942 in the Jewish cemetery.


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