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/ Franciszek S., born in 1935: “I saw a German leading 7 Jews from Hadle towards the nearby forest and decided to follow the group. The group included men, women and a child.” ©Piotr Malec/Yahad - In Unum Franciszek S., born in 1935:  “The German ordered the Jews to lie down. He was lying too and shooting them one by one in the back of the head. I was standing behind him and watching the scene, he didn’t see me.” ©Piotr Malec/Yahad - In Unum Franciszek S., born in 1935: “The Dec family was executed for helping the Jews. They hid them in a bunker in the forest, but were denounced and killed. However, a few jews managed to flee. I don’t know what happened to them.” ©Piotr Malec/Yahad - In Unum Irena F., born in 1938: "Małka Schönfeld, after being tortured, denounced the Dec family. She was taken to Pantalowice, to our house, by the Gestapo. She showed them a picture of my father and my uncles." ©Pawel Szupiluk/Yahad - In Unum Irena F., born in 1938: "On December 4, 1942, the Germans arrived in Pantalowice and arrested my father, as well as all the people who were accused of helping the Jews. Six people were killed, including my father, Władysław Dec." ©Pawel Szupiluk/Yahad Our team on its way through the forest to the execution site of Jewish victims killed in Hadle Szklarskie by the Germans in August of 1942. © Piotr Malec/Yahad - In Unum Franciszek S., born in 1935:  “In the forest, 3 men requisitioned from Hadle by the sołtys dug the pit. I watched from behind the trees”. ©Piotr Malec/Yahad - In Unum Franciszek S., born in 1935:  “For years I’ve been trying to arrange a commemoration of the execution site of the victims with local administration, but all in vain.” ©Piotr Malec/Yahad - In Unum Mass grave of seven Jewish victims from Hadle Szklarskie. ©Piotr Malec/Yahad - In Unum

Execution of Jews and Poles in Hadle Szklarskie

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Seven Jews and nine Poles

Witness interview

Franciszek S., born in 1935: “There were quite a lot of Jews in Hadle Szklarskie before the war, they ran two inns and a few local shops. The Jewish cemetery was in Jawornik Polski, about 4 km away. I remember some of the names of the Jewish villagers, like the BENCYJON family who owned an inn or the RUCHEL family. I recall that the village council met at Mr. Ruchel’s house. When the war began, the Germans occupied Hadle. They were stationed at the school building and the manor. Twelve Germans lived also in my family home for a while. They were rather kind to my family. Probably in the summer of 1942, a German policeman came to Hadle. I saw him leading 7 Jews from the village towards the nearby forest and decided to follow the group. The group include men, women and a 4-year-old boy. They were hiding somewhere and maybe someone denounced them, or maybe they gave up themselves to the Germans? I don’t know, I can’t say. When passing by my house, a Jewish woman called IDKA said to my mother, who was standing by the fence: “Be well, Karolcia”. That day, they were all killed in the nearby forest. I followed them and saw the execution.” (Witness n°1019P, interviewed in Hadle Szklarskie on the 7th of May 2019)

Historical note

Hadle Szklarskie is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Jawornik Polski within Przeworsk County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in southeastern Poland. It lies approximately 22 km (14 mil) from Przeworsk and 25 km (16 mil) from the regional capital Rzeszów. Not much is known about the prewar Jewish community. Yahad witness, Franciszek S., born in 1935, interviewed by our team in May 2019, recalled that there were several Jewish families living in the village before the outbreak of the war. They were merchants and inn owners. The Jewish cemetery was in the nearby town of Jawornik Polski. We assume that the Jewish community from Hadle Szklarskie attended the synagogue in Jawornik Polski.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

From the summer of 1942, a group of seven Jews hid in the forests of Hadle Szklarskie, near the village of Pantalowice: Judy, Jankiel, Chana, Józef, Brand, Berek and Małka Schönfeld. Many of the inhabitants of the village and surrounding settlements were involved in helping Jews by giving them temporary shelter in their farm buildings, helping them to find a hiding place in the forest and, above all, providing food. Three Dec brothers organized an underground bunker for the Jews in the forest, in which they spent the next few months. In November, a hunter came across a bunker and denounced the Jews to the gendarmes. On the morning of December 4, 1942, German military policemen from Łańcut, led by Anton Hachmann, arrived in the forest. The Jewish men managed to flee but the Germans arrested two Jewish women: Chana and Małka Schönfeld. Both women were interrogated by the Germans who wanted to discover the names of the Poles who were helping them. Chana Schönfeld, who refused to give away any names, was directly shot. Małka Schönfeld, exhausted and terrified after being tortured, gave away all the names she knew. All Poles from Pantalowice, involved in helping the fugitives, were then arrested, and shot. The deaths were: Władysław Dec, Wincenty Lewandowski with his wife Emilia, Jakub Kuszek with his wife Zofia and their daughter Justyna Kubicka. Then the gendarmes headed for the forester’s lodge near Hadle Szklarskie, where Władysław Dec’s brothers lived. On the night of December 4, 1942, Stanisław, Tadeusz and Bronisław Dec were shot by the Germans on the doorstep of their home. Furthermore, the Germans discovered that the inhabitants of the nearby village of Grzegorzówka also aided the Jews hiding in the Hadle Szklarskie forest. After being captured and tortured, Władysław Jasiński Sylwester Nycz, Grzegorz Wojturski, Henryk Gajda and Stanisław Pelc were also killed. The fate of five Jews who managed to flee the forest before the Germans arrival remains unknown. However, during Yahad - In Unum’s investigation in the Przeworsk region in May 2019, we managed to establish that another shooting of Jews took place in the Hadle Szklarskie forest. According to our witness, Franciszek S., born in 1935, in the summer of 1942 or 1943, seven Jews from Hadle Szklarskie (men, women and one child) were taken to the forest and shot by a German. Franciszek recognized one of the victims, a Jewish woman called Idka, well known by his mother. At the execution site, the Jews were ordered to lie down facing the ground near the pit that had been dug by three requisitioned villagers. They were subsequently all shot by the German in the back of the head. The victim’s bodies were then put into the pit, covered with a sheet, and buried by the same three local requisitioned men. Today, the mass grave of the seven Jews from Hadle Szklarskie remains without memorial, completely abandoned and very hard to access due to its location in very muddy terrain in the middle of the forest.

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