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/ Execution site, massgrave N°4 in Dranukha © Aleksey Kasyanov/Yahad - In Unum

Execution of Jews in Dranukha

1 Execution site(s)

Period of occupation:

Witness interview

Aleksandr Andreyevich S.: "The shootings took place near the barracks where the Germans were living. They shot Jews and partisans near the pit. There was one grave, 20x10m, with a lot of dead corpses in it(men, women, children). There were shootings almost every day". (Witness N°589, interviewed in Dranukha, on April 22, 2012).

Soviet archives

“During the district’s occupation period, the German fascist invaders shot, hanged and tortured to death 1,786 helpless Soviet citizens, among them: 357 children, 823 women and 601 men. Inhabitants of Chausy confirmed that at the end of September 1941, the fascist monsters, headed by the Commandant of the Ortskommandantur – the German officer Virus and their accomplices, the chief of the OD, Kozlov, under the pretext of transferring them in another area, gathered the whole Jewish population of the town, took them out of the town to the area around Dranukha, 3km from Chausy and cruelly shot 624 women, elderly, children, innocent people. The bodies were buried in graves dug there in advance.” [RG22.022M 7021-88/48]

Historical note

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Holocaust by bullets in figures

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