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/ Yahad’s team is lookign for the local witnesses © Erez Lichtfeld – Yahad - In Unum Stepan K., born in 1930 in Gorodok, explains that the Jews had to dig their grave before being shot © Erez Lichtfeld – Yahad – In Unum Ivan B., born in 1929 in Gorodok, remembers when the Jews were brought to the forest to be killed © Erez Lichtfeld – Yahad – In Unum German bullet found at the execution site © Erez Lichtfeld – Yahad – In Unum Mikhail K. leads Yahad’s team to the execution site © Erez Lichtfeld – Yahad-In Unum Father Desbois at the execution site © Erez Lichtfeld – Yahad – In Unum

Execution of the Gorodok Jews in Dovzhenko

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Witness interview

Ivan B. recalls: "My school friends and I saw a column of Jews who were coming out of the ghetto by the gate near the river. The Jews were not wearing much, walking by foot or in sleighs and were guarded by drunk Germans as well as Vlassov soldiers. They were killed during the winter next to the municipal cemetery." (Witness N°729, interviewed in Gorodok, on January 6, 2009).

Historical note

Dovzhenko is located 29 km from Lviv. The Jews of the village were merchants much like the Jews of the neighboring village of Gorodok. There was a synagogue in the village.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

The Jews of Gorodok were shot in the village of Dovzhenko (called Morga at this period). There were several shootings in three graves according to Ivan K. (Witness N°726, interviewed in Gorodok, on January 5, 2009). The Jews were shot one by one facing the Gestapo men. They were killed by machine –guns. More than 100 people were shot on that day. According to another witness, Mikhail K. (Witness N°729), the Jews who were transported in cars were shot on the road going to Gorodok and then buried in three graves behind a field. He remembers there were several shootings during winter of 1942. According to Stepan K. (Witness N°731), 200 Jews were burnt in the sugar factory after the liquidation of the ghetto.

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