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A Jewish family native from Šiauliai with their son Liolis killed in Bazilionai © Markel Redondo - Yahad-In Unum/ Personal photo of the witness / An old building of synangogue in Bazilionai © Markel Redondo - Yahad-In Unum Eugenija S., born in 1927 © Markel Redondo - Yahad-In Unum Eugenija S., born in 1927 © Markel Redondo - Yahad-In Unum With the witness figuring out where the Jewish familly was executed © Markel Redondo - Yahad-In Unum Yahad’s team taking GPS of the mass grave © Markel Redondo - Yahad-In Unum

Execution of Jews in Bazilionai

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Witness interview

Eugenija S. reminisces: "Lithuanian partisans registered all the Jews and arrested them. They should have visited them at home. Everybody knew each other, they knew how many children Jews had had, they couldn’t hide.
Y.U.: What happened with Jewish furniture and other belongings?
Eugenija: They just left it behind. Other people moved in their houses. Some valuables were sold in the barn. In one of the houses they established the office of local administration. There was a barn in the village and they brought Jewish valuables and sold them there. It took about a month to sell it. Local administration officers might have taken some belongings." (Eyewitness n°30 of an execution of one Jewish family, met in Bazilionai, on December 02, 2013)

Historical note

Bazilionai is a village in Šiauliai County in northern-central Lithuania.

Holocaust by bullets in figures

There is no information available about the shootings in Bazilionai. In general, it is known that arrests and mass murders of the Jews started right after the German occupation in June 1941. The executions were carried out by Germans and Lithuanian white armbanders.

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