Vinkivtsi | Khmelnytskyi

Execution of Jews in Vinkivtsi

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Investigated by Yahad :
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Witnesses interviewed :

Entrevista del testigo

Witnesses interviewed: 4. (N°703, 704, 705, 706). Vassil Borisovich T. (N°703): "When I arrived, I saw a German sitting above the corner of the pit with a machine gun. He drank some alcohol from a bottle, sang and played harmonica. A group of Jews was then escorted in by two Ukrainian policemen. The group consisted of about twenty people, for the most part women. A policeman ordered to the Jews to undress, but to keep their underwear on, and to go down in the pit by a staircase dug in the earth, in two groups of ten. The German who was shooting noticed a very beautiful Jewish girl. He said "Gut" and she was pulled aside. The German continued to drink between two rows, to sing and to play. It was him who gave the order for the Jews to go down into the pit, a very big pit, after which he shot them. Bodies were not arranged and the people were shot in the back."

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