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Execution of Jews in Mynkivtsi

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Número de víctimas:
About 2,000

Archivos soviéticos

“About 10am, they started to take the Jews to the execution site. They were stopped just in front of the pit. Then, they were forced to undress and get down inside where two German shooters had ben waiting for them. At the bottom of the pit, the Jews had to lie down facing the ground and the shooters fired with a gun in the nape of the neck. Then, another group got down at the bottom of the pit and lay over the bodies of the previous group. In that way they shot them in groups until the pit was full. The men were shot first, and after the elder people. The shooting lasted from 6am till the evening.” [Deposition of the local man requisitioned to dig the pit, Andrey P., made to State extraordinary commission;

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