Haysyn (Gaysin, Gaysyn) | Vinnytsia

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Execution of Jews in Haysyn

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Witness interview

Witnesses interviewed: 6 (N° 1189.1190, 1191, 1192, 1197, 1198). Yevgeniya Yossifovna L. (N°1190): "One could hear the gunfire, because it wasn’t far away. Back then, there were not many houses to deaden the sound. We couldn’t see anything, but the children were running through the streets, shouting that the Jews were being shot."

German archives

B162-2333. "The Jews of Gayssyn who had not been gathered together in a ghetto, were taken from their houses, during the morning of Sept. 16, 1941 and brought in columns to a ravine outside the city, where they had to undress and then were shot in groups; children were also thrown into the pit alive."


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